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edits for this prod:

date glöperator action more info
2019-07-31 06:04:38 havoc havoc prod_add_credit yobbo yobbo - code
2019-07-31 06:04:15 havoc havoc prod_add_credit TDK TDK - music
2019-07-31 06:03:58 havoc havoc prod_change_info current prod name / title: Filled Fractals
new prod name / title: Filled Fractals
current release date: july 1990
new release date: july 1990
current demozoo ID: 151975
new demozoo ID: 151975
current party: Slipstream Summer Conference
new party: Slipstream Summer Conference
current party year: 1990
new party year: 1990
current party compo: amiga demo
new party compo: amiga demo
current party rank: 3
new party rank: 3
2015-11-11 18:11:36 havoc havoc prod_edit []
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