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UKScene Pub Meet November 2013

category: parties [glöplog]
So, Dipswitch/UpRough might be coming to London in November. I don't know exactly when but it might as well be a good time if any to meet up before Christmas - mark down what weekends you are free and we'll organise further from there. I'm not from London so any ideas on good venues would be appreciated. :)

I'm away in Rio/Brazil until Friday 15th onwards. But don't count me in on being 100% there. ;)
added on the 2013-10-21 14:49:42 by conrad conrad
I've added some dates. I'm not 100% sure about them though as it's my son's Birthday on the 24th and the obligatory November fireworks show will scupper one or other dates around the 5th. I'll try and make whatever date suits everyone else, so don't factor me in to the equation too heavily. It would be great to meet up though :)
added on the 2013-10-21 21:19:42 by raizor raizor
Okay, we're in for the 22nd! I'm gonna work on finding a venue and all that. I'll keep you all posted!
Think ill book the day off then!
added on the 2013-10-24 22:56:32 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
This sounds good - I might be able to make this one too.

A venue I can recommend is the Montague Pike pub in Charing Cross Road, close to Oxford Street & Tottenham Court Road in London. Yes it is a Wetherspoons pub, but the quality of the food and alcohol served there is decent and it is easy to find too.
added on the 2013-10-24 23:03:56 by Felice Felice
sorry for getting back so late. i will be in london only from the 5th to the 11th. so, have fun without me then! :P
added on the 2013-10-26 01:49:39 by dipswitch dipswitch
Inner location plz! Need to work out a path from King's Cross station.
added on the 2013-10-26 11:26:10 by conrad conrad
Not cheap enough flights.. anyway, Friday is a silly time to have it for people that work and live elsewhere, let alone the fact that the reason for meeting up was because dipswitch was going to be there. fail. nvm :)
added on the 2013-10-26 16:08:37 by dv$ dv$
Have fun anyway \o.
added on the 2013-10-26 16:10:13 by dv$ dv$
Not cheap enough flights.. anyway, Friday is a silly time to have it for people that work and live elsewhere, let alone the fact that the reason for meeting up was because dipswitch was going to be there. fail. nvm :)

That's a bit harsh mate. It would have been great to combine dipswitch's visit with the meet up but most people couldn't make it at the time he was there. There'll be other opportunities for sure.
I am quite happy to dress up as dipswitch for the night
All UKscene pubmeets have to be instigated by a foreigner, even if said foreigner doesn't actually turn up. It's the rules, or something.
added on the 2013-10-27 10:28:06 by gasman gasman
really sorry for failing on this one! :P hope the meeting will turn out fun nevertheless. and if anyone wants to have a pint with me, i'm there on the said weekend.
added on the 2013-10-27 10:42:42 by dipswitch dipswitch
Ruairi: The facts still stand though and the motive was lost in the process. I am sure Gleb will meet up with Andy anyway.. <3
added on the 2013-10-27 12:12:24 by dv$ dv$
What would you have done?
guys, please don't fight! <3

added on the 2013-10-27 14:40:01 by dipswitch dipswitch
I'm not fighting, i'm just making a point :) I would have stood back and waited for confirmation first. There wasn't any intention of the meet before Andy posted on IRC "dipswitch is in town, shall we organise a pubmeet?", so you kinda hijacked his idea and turned it into a general "oh lets get together" - thus eliminating the purpose ;)

I know you wanted to get something organised, fair enough.

Anyway a positive way to look at it is there is probably going to be 2 meets now.. hurrah! Power to the people, and the beats!

Sorry Gleb, hope you have a great time anyway! :)
added on the 2013-10-27 15:08:22 by dv$ dv$
Guys, look, I'm not upset at all, since it's not even clear whether and when I'll have time for pub anyway (I'm in London on a kind of work trip, and all my meeting dates etc. are not 100% set yet). So, please, go ahead and pubmeet and don't think about me! =)
added on the 2013-10-27 15:29:18 by dipswitch dipswitch
Devistator: Dipswitch has spoken for himself, and we had been in touch via e-mail and he had made it clear that his schedule was ambiguous.

The decisions I made were democratic based on the amount of people that could come and I don't think it's fair to value one scener over another.

In addition to this, time was running low and it's not trivial for many people to get to London on short notice as I'm sure you'll understand.

You've made your point very clear and as you know I respect your point of view but please can we move on now?

I find it confusing that you're using provocations to make your point heard on an event you aren't even attending.

If you wanted to move the date of the pubmeet to some point during the weekend when Dipswitch will be in London, feel free to. I won't be able to make it then as I'll be in Poland for Sillyventure 2013, same for CiH but both of us hope that the meet itself goes well, whenever it is. Don't feel that you have to keep the date where it is just on our behalf.

The pub I suggested earlier on in this thread is close-ish to King's Cross / St Pancras. It is closer still to Charing Cross underground station but is within walking distance of probably less than a mile from King's Cross all the same. Like I said before, food there is decent too and whilst I can speak from personal experience about the glasses of wine being decent - I can't say anything about the lagers on offer but they all seem popular.

Hope this helps.
added on the 2013-10-27 19:19:32 by Felice Felice
... and this is why you just announce the date beforehand so there'll be no discussion. Probably only works if you're German tho.
added on the 2013-10-27 19:25:37 by kb_ kb_
Felice: Thanks for the tip. The date is not changing.

kb_: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
dipswitch: Thanks for your patience - I'm sorry it didn't work out but I'm sure we'll all catch up at another party soon. :)
Okay! It's all settled now - here are the details:

Starting at the Porterhouse (near Covent Garden / Leicester Square tube stations) at 7:30pm until late, or if the place is colossally packed we may move on.

Make sure to take my number (Ruairi Fullam: 07882 450575) just in case!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/495152247258951/?fref=ts
Doodle Page (some non-FB sceners listed here):http://www.doodle.com/kg3u4z942emeq5c3
ukdemoscene.org forums: http://ukdemoscene.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=379

Porterhouse Covent Garden Web Page: http://www.porterhousebrewco.com/bars-london-coventgarden.php

Google Maps Link: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/preview#!data=!1m4!1m3!1d3198!2d-0.1237037!3d51.51 04132!4m12!2m11!1m10!1s0x0%3A0xa9c56f827d49d68b!3m8!1m3!1d4935928!2d-2.3278149!3d 52.8382004!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1


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