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category: general [glöplog]
Awesome, thanks.
added on the 2013-08-26 00:15:58 by kusma kusma
added on the 2013-08-26 00:17:02 by Tomoya Tomoya
Wow. I just noticed a closed thread. Some powerful new feautures!
added on the 2013-08-28 17:16:46 by numtek numtek
added on the 2013-08-28 17:19:05 by Tomoya Tomoya
I'm not too sure how "amazing" this is, actually.
added on the 2013-08-28 18:27:57 by kb_ kb_
Feel free to elaborate on your doubts :)
added on the 2013-08-28 18:32:14 by Tomoya Tomoya
In this case I just mised the chance to add some nice animated gifs, so I'm okay with it. I guess I can trust some (?) people with the ability to close threads. The risks of too strong moderation creeps up very slow though, and opening a new thread and copying/pasting all the old content just isn't the same.
added on the 2013-08-28 21:55:45 by numtek numtek

Maybe we can trade closing threads with an edit button? :p
added on the 2013-08-28 21:58:48 by numtek numtek
I vote for removing "thread closed" feature or at least abstaining from using it. This kind of shit gives me phpbb-like chills.
added on the 2013-08-29 17:19:30 by 216 216
I also do not like this "thread closed" feature, it should be removed IMHO!
added on the 2013-08-29 17:23:25 by StingRay StingRay
Tomoya: Pouet had been working fine without a thread close button for <insert # of years the bbs exists> years. Now the feature exists, and every single occurrance of an admin closing a thread in the last days already borders on misuse. In the good old days, and by this i mean two weeks ago, eg. Plek would just have been told to calm the fuck down, followed by some flames and the occasional pony reminding us of the value of friendship.

Or to put it into a single question: What the fuck makes you think you have the authority to decide when a discussion is over?
added on the 2013-08-29 17:33:59 by kb_ kb_
and every single occurrance of an admin closing a thread in the last days already borders on misuse.

added on the 2013-08-29 18:00:50 by trc_wm trc_wm
i'm completely in favour of the thread-closing option. it prevents unnecessary and unproductive trolling and bad vibes. so many annoying rants and bad blood could have been prevented in the past years if threads would have been closed in time.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:09:07 by dipswitch dipswitch
basically what kb_ said, also pleks thread was a reaction on closing threads if i'm not wrong. the nice thing about this bbs is that threads are getting derailed and the topic is only a vague hint on the actual content of a thread. derailing threads is fun, reading derailed threads is fun, too. if you don't want ppl to make fun of you, just think before you post something.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:10:46 by skomp skomp
The "close thread" feature is completely unnecessary on a site like pouet, it worked fine without it many years, why do we suddenly need stuff like that? I like a lot of the new features in 2.0, this one however I absolutely detest!
added on the 2013-08-29 18:12:06 by StingRay StingRay
also, which threads exactly have been closed in the past days? the slengpung one - for good reason. a slightly confised shifter comes along and, forgetting whom he can reach about slengpung, publicly reminds slengpung admins about a long-made agreement. only saga musix, who is not member of the team long enough to remember the agreement, is around, which leads to confusion. then another slengpung admin (me) comes along and deals with shifters legitimate request. business done, all good. what is there left to discuss? nothing. instead, people show up and start mocking shifter for no reason. what the fuck? who needs this? if people are childish and not considerate enough towards others, thread-closing is the best option.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:14:27 by dipswitch dipswitch
also dipswitch: so we close all threads with random in the topic coz they are basically what you said: unnecessary and unproductive trolling.and about the bad vibes thing: closing the thread does not help at all, will make ppl even more angry. man, this is not ponyville, there are harsh discussions and then there are ppl who tell the guys to calm down. fine. if the discussion gets too harsh, rather ban the participants than close the thread.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:15:49 by skomp skomp
the nice thing about this bbs is that threads are getting derailed

for some it's a nice thing, for some not. this is not 4chan or a similar rubbish pile. the whole lame pouet bbs trolling shit was always the most annoying part of pouet over the years, and i'm glad that these days are gone now hopefully.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:16:29 by dipswitch dipswitch
dipswitch: so YOU are the one who decides if ppl want to continue discussing? it feels a little like censorship.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:17:13 by skomp skomp
skomp: they're marked as residue, that's a sufficient measure imho, because they don't appear on the front page. but there are still some cases where this is not enough.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:17:15 by dipswitch dipswitch
skopm: just to avoid confusion - i have ___NO___ admin rights to close threads. i'm a glöperator, while only admins can close them. this is why i only asked for the slengpung thread to be clsoed, and tomoya had to close it for me. still, i'm in favour of the measure.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:18:11 by dipswitch dipswitch
Deciding a thread has derailed or not is very subjective and the open nature of the pouet bbs has always been one of it strongest points. You might find it annoying, others might not.
It is a bit like deciding who can have children and who not. It might actually be an advantage for society to do this it is still wrong as hell and that is why we don't do it :)
dipswitch: i fully understand that you are not an admin and cannot close threads. still, i don't like that other ppl tell me that there was nothing left for me to discuss in that thread.

what kb said:

What the fuck makes you think you have the authority to decide when a discussion is over?
added on the 2013-08-29 18:21:52 by skomp skomp
well, it was not me to decide on the implementation of thread-closing (once again, i'm no admin), i'm just very happy about it. if admins should decide to remove the feature again, i'll have to live with it. i just wanted to raise my voice in favour of the feature, you are free to have your own opinions about it. i'm not in the position to decide anything.
added on the 2013-08-29 18:23:00 by dipswitch dipswitch


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