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Experimental music from very short C programs

category: code [glöplog]
Hey guys, I just had to make another video! Thanks for the contributions :)

Really awesome that huge string!
added on the 2011-09-30 16:14:56 by xernobyl xernobyl
Can someone render out some of these delights please? Thank you! :D

99*cos(1.5^t/2/(.001*(1/(2^t)*(9*t<<6&t%8*cos(t)|t>>6)&t*s in(cos(t)))/2^.2*sin(t)-8*sin(t*.00001)-1/t*(t>8+t>>9))^t/995&3)
added on the 2011-09-30 17:09:03 by gasman gasman

(((((t>>5)|(t>>2)*(t>>2))*((t&1536)?1:1.5)))^(t*2^t* 2.008))/2



(t>>1|t>>3^t<<3|t>>7)*(t&1) can you hear the frogs in the background? :D
added on the 2011-09-30 17:34:28 by las las
Hehe. Had some time on my hands...

People, go crazy: ((t&4096)?((t*(t^t%255)|(t>>4))>>1):(t>>3)|((t&8192)?t <<2:t))

Hope this is ok for Bemmu & viznut. Grab the ugly source back if you want & hugs and kisses for making the original generator!
added on the 2011-09-30 18:31:43 by raer raer
Nice, raer!
added on the 2011-09-30 21:10:02 by MidKnight MidKnight
...woah, some of the earlier "songs" people posted sound so good in 11k!
added on the 2011-09-30 21:14:55 by MidKnight MidKnight
I'm late to the party.
added on the 2011-09-30 21:47:40 by rrrola rrrola
t * ((t>>13|t>>7)^43%t<<4)
added on the 2011-09-30 22:31:06 by veqtor veqtor
I'm famous! Viznut, more to come.
added on the 2011-09-30 23:14:20 by skurk skurk
Cyberspace dragon playing around with synthetic fire:

(t*(t-(t<<4|t>>14)&3&t<<3)|(t>>6|t&64)) ^ (t<<2&t>>3|t>>5|(t>>65&t>>5)*t>>5)
added on the 2011-09-30 23:42:10 by visy visy
Actually, the first part is mostly silent anyway so it shortens to:

added on the 2011-09-30 23:45:45 by visy visy
viznut: Thanks for including mine :D
added on the 2011-10-01 02:56:07 by xpansive xpansive
some kind of weird "solo":
added on the 2011-10-01 20:28:48 by tonic tonic
t*(t>>4)>>(t>>8) nagrator

(t/8)>>(t>>9)*t/((t>>14&3)+4) mr. arpeggiator playing a solo
(t/4&0xf4)>>t/((t>>14&3)+4) mr. arpeggiator's cousin as bassist

(((2*t&255)*(((-t)>>6)&0xff))>>8) simple repeating bass

added on the 2011-10-01 21:26:54 by tonic tonic
(t/8)>>(t>>9)*t/((t>>14&3)+4) mr. arpeggiator playing a solo

OMG, that's sooo cool :D. I've been waiting for someone to create one that actually features harmonic progression of some kind. Now we've got cool basslines, percussion, melodies and harmonic progression. Won't be long now until we have music in multiple parts that features all the elements of a "normal" song :).
added on the 2011-10-01 22:14:45 by elfan elfan
tonic, very cool stuff!
added on the 2011-10-02 00:42:26 by baah baah
Be aware that you'll make us look even geekier with your next demos, as seen in outline 2011... And i love you for that! :)
added on the 2011-10-02 00:45:32 by baah baah
Playing with these is so much fun, here are my contributions:

(t/5)>>(t>>12)*t/((t>>14&3)+2) melody (variation of tonic's arpeggiator)
(t/5)>>(t>>12)*t/((t>>14&3)+2)+t>>5|t<<7+((((2 *(t>>2)&128)*(((-t)>>6)&0xff))>>11)) with tonic's bass
t*((t>>4)&0x80) annoying alarm
t/(-t>>12|t>>4&0xff|t<<2)+t>>4 instrument chaos
added on the 2011-10-02 13:07:42 by firebug firebug
tonic, that stuff is awesome!
Congrats for the idea, it's just awesome
((t-0xdead)^((t+0xb00b) >> 8) + (t+0x1337+0xff)^((t-0xbeef+0xff) >> 8)) >> 1
Echo, makes crap less crappy...
Hehe - anything that features "dead beef" is bound to end up a success ;)
added on the 2011-10-02 14:58:12 by Punqtured Punqtured


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