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category: offtopic [glöplog]
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added on the 2011-07-18 08:02:29 by Mewler Mewler
hehe. solitude is not the for the google+ users.
added on the 2011-07-18 09:11:14 by Zint Zint
i have google+ account but he didnt enforce a friend on me?
for me is stupid that ppl expects g+ to work the same as facebook...

does twitter require that you approve other's twits on you? ....

for me g+ to stream-broadcast-publish shit!

added on the 2011-07-19 18:41:17 by hadesbox hadesbox
I like twitter.
I guess the perfect social thing would be a slightly more complex twitter.
added on the 2011-07-19 19:19:00 by xernobyl xernobyl
I want Pouet.net+
added on the 2011-07-19 19:22:38 by Zplex Zplex
i want the feature where you can send farts into ringos room
Can we download you, Cros?
added on the 2011-07-19 21:04:59 by w00t! w00t!
no? i prefer to be called don bossus bombastus maximus from now on please?
i want the feature where you can send farts into ringos room

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added on the 2011-07-19 23:42:13 by ringofyre ringofyre
i honestly read that first as

i want the feature where you can send fart rings to the moon
added on the 2011-07-20 00:20:23 by psonice psonice
Hah, I was already weirded out by the fact that Warren Ellis and several other "welcome to Comicon!" people were persistently in the suggestion box. Glad to see this wasn't a one-way hallucination.
added on the 2011-07-20 02:09:14 by Shifter Shifter
i want the feature where you can send fart rings to the moon

Gives new meaning to the idea of bumming a smoke!
added on the 2011-07-20 03:27:08 by ringofyre ringofyre
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added on the 2011-07-20 12:12:11 by Gargaj Gargaj
Gargaj wins the thread.
added on the 2011-07-20 14:12:25 by ferris ferris
I agree with Ferris that Gargaj wins the thread. I will note for reference's sake that with Google Hangouts I'm starting to see the interest of Google+, as Skype charges actual money for connecting to more than one other use with videochat (although not audio, which I have used already for @party planning meetings).

If only I didn't have to join Google+ to use Google Hangouts. And if they didn't call it such a dumb name. And it wasn't Google. *sigh*

Intending to research and see if the quality is better than Skype . . .
added on the 2011-07-28 15:18:19 by metoikos metoikos
note: if you know of free alternatives (or cheap pay alternatives better than Skype), say it. ( :
When you have people in multiple locations it gets tricky . . . I suppose I should be thankful for the free if flaky teleconferencing at least.
added on the 2011-07-28 15:20:54 by metoikos metoikos
added on the 2011-08-05 08:34:18 by a13X_B a13X_B


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