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category: gfx [glöplog]
added on the 2011-06-29 21:27:37 by Optimus Optimus
Gibson Flying V :)
added on the 2011-06-30 00:23:56 by bull bull
oops missed here is the good paste :p

added on the 2011-06-30 00:24:19 by bull bull
damn i need a grahics tablet
added on the 2011-06-30 00:35:08 by bull bull
@Navis: Hi there! I made you an ASD logo :)
added on the 2011-06-30 09:27:06 by Optimus Optimus
There, I corrected it for you ;)
added on the 2011-06-30 14:59:08 by raer raer
Ha, didn't notice the original, that was a joke done too fast.
Now we could clopyright this and make ASD lookalikes =)
added on the 2011-06-30 16:37:08 by Optimus Optimus
This could be good fun if it didn't lag so much or bug out when you try to paint small details.

added on the 2011-06-30 19:52:57 by Wade Wade
this would be fun if I had a tablet.. http://hakim.se/experiments/html5/sketch/#33325f7e
added on the 2011-06-30 20:20:07 by Hyde Hyde
This application made me realize that i have to get a new mouse and stop drinking so much coffee.
added on the 2011-06-30 21:21:42 by Zplex Zplex
Hyde: Is Peano-Hilbert driving you to madness?
added on the 2011-06-30 21:55:34 by kusma kusma
Saga Musix: Nice to see the pouetized pouet logo :)
added on the 2011-06-30 22:29:33 by Zplex Zplex
kusma: nah, just a lame "look what I thought I knew but had to use wikipedia to get right and failed anyway"-thing that I thought would be cool using the step-by-step animation feature of that site. Someone with more patience and a healthy dose of authism should have a go :)
added on the 2011-07-01 00:02:34 by Hyde Hyde
Hyde: I'm sure one could write a tool that procedurally generates the mouse-events needed... :P
added on the 2011-07-01 00:10:28 by kusma kusma
kusma: and go further to convert any jpg to a sketch! Screw cubes and shaders, this is it. We could be KINGS of this thread with a script like that.
added on the 2011-07-01 00:18:37 by Hyde Hyde
Hyde: because you can draw in 3d that way, that's why! space + drag to rotate a bit, then draw some more!
added on the 2011-07-01 00:47:15 by kusma kusma


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