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Which Diskmags for MSDOS (era 1990-1995) are worth reading?

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I just found a small joy in DOSBOX and I wondered which oldschool Diskmags for MSDOS from the era of 1990 1995 are worth reading and watching?

And also where to get them?

You can find reviews of all demoscene-related, English-language diskmags released for PC in Hugi #36 (International Diskmag Encyclopedia). Diskmags can be downloaded at scene.org. Some of the better MS-DOS based diskmags from the 1990 - 1995 were Imphobia, Daskmig, Scenial, Bad News, Parrot, Pulse and Contrast. But there were also some very good diskmags on other platforms, especially on the Amiga (RAW, ROM, Seenpoint, Generation,...).
added on the 2010-08-20 19:10:10 by Adok Adok
Good German diskmags: Cream, HotMag, MicroCode, Blackmail, Platinum, Suicide, Skyline.
added on the 2010-08-20 19:11:55 by Adok Adok
added on the 2010-08-20 19:12:09 by Defiance Defiance
Cheers - those pointer should give me plenty to read :)
i personally liked the ones with party reports. nice to see how other people experienced the parties that i went to when i was younger :)
why.. New World Order of course!
added on the 2010-08-20 21:11:18 by trc_wm trc_wm
+1 for Imphobia..

added on the 2010-08-20 21:26:02 by torus torus
Imphobia. The rest were shit. On the Amiga you have quite a few choices though - Jurrasic Pack was always a favourite.
added on the 2010-08-20 21:29:54 by gloom gloom
I like "Beyond the horizon".
It's mostly about ANSI/ASCII, but anyways :)
added on the 2010-08-21 17:34:56 by closed closed
Imphobia was clearly in a league of its own... highly recommended. I have fond memories of reading it in the small hours while listening to those amazing modules they were using :)

For a quick read, Wilby (4kb diskmag) was quite fun for some reason.
added on the 2010-08-21 19:16:52 by exocet exocet


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