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Another Exhibition by nosfe

category: general [glöplog]
thanks to preacher for translation and good luck to nosfe!
added on the 2008-02-03 00:05:16 by elfh elfh
its gonna end soon!
added on the 2008-02-06 21:47:10 by nosfe nosfe
so nosfe, soon unemployed ehh.
added on the 2008-02-06 21:50:35 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
to celebrate the nearing end of the exhibition
grey park will perform today 8.2. at 18:00 at the gallery
playing together with the sound installation present at the gallery
free entry
added on the 2008-02-08 00:17:56 by nosfe nosfe
congrats, nosfe, it's a well-meant and useful review, i think.
added on the 2008-02-08 03:49:03 by dipswitch dipswitch
btw. pics from the show:
added on the 2008-05-19 20:49:52 by nosfe nosfe


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