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Old dos demo(s) that still need a winport or videocaptures.

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Enigma: thanx alot! keep up this ms-dos capturing service of yours.. nothing should stay forgotten :)
added on the 2015-12-01 10:28:54 by magic magic
flekk is so cool! thanks for the capture.
Not an old, DOS demo but Kvasigen - Textmode in a Bottle still remains uncapped. I watched it on the party stream and it kicked ass so; love to be able to see it again.
added on the 2015-12-02 09:10:19 by jmph jmph
I want daze by urinate and slumpism by pathos on youtube.
added on the 2015-12-04 22:25:20 by Flashy Flashy
So, was sound in 4k intros ever formally legalized?
added on the 2015-12-05 21:44:43 by raina raina
nevermind my browser is broken
I have started a new web site and it's currently in a very early stage. It's progressing slowly (but still a one man project).
The relevant point is that I made all videos in original quality available through a menu on a webpage. Playback of the mkv container works in Chrome:
Retronn Go to Videos/Quick Access.

Currently I am migrating stuff to the new hardware gallery...
added on the 2016-01-29 10:16:04 by enigma enigma
Fusion by Psycho Team - does not work under DOSBox (crashes with "No MMX..." message even with [cpu] type=pentium_mmx), works fine on my P200MMX box (probably targeted for Pentium III\Celeron-700, as mentioned in HOW2RUN.RUS file)
added on the 2016-02-21 12:14:05 by wbc\\bz7 wbc\\bz7
A few days ago I did capture a few of the mentioned DOS demos here.
I will upload the original encodes later.

Blasphemy is not included as I have to switch to some 486 or early Pentium.
added on the 2016-04-13 17:24:33 by enigma enigma
p.s. gawsh, this thread wasn't active for several months?
added on the 2016-09-01 20:41:11 by Flashy Flashy
Fusion starts up in DOSBox SVN (cpu set to pentium MMX in the GUI), but runs about one frame per second. It runs much better in PCem though.. Award 430VX PCI, S3 ViRGE /DX, Pentium MMX 233, 32 MB RAM, and GUS. Other video cards might work in color if you run UniVBE beforehand.
added on the 2016-09-02 01:13:00 by phoenix phoenix
The intros of Chrysalis from 1999
added on the 2016-09-02 08:02:56 by pohar pohar
Might be interesting for some: I setup a page with all my DOS demo captures.
These are not the youtubized versions.
added on the 2017-01-06 18:28:01 by enigma enigma
@enigma: What codec / toolchain are you using?
added on the 2017-01-25 10:04:18 by raer raer


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