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category: general [glöplog]
and while at that... when will you fuckheads bring me an opponent instead of just another victim? YOU BORE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!
added on the 2002-10-27 16:30:26 by Chotaire Chotaire
oh, I gotta correct myself.. ofcourse it's plaque... plaque... fuck... plaque.. shit I can't write it!! ofcourse it's... PLEK.. YES I DID IT!.. who's in damage. this happens when I don't really pay attention to beat back on you dullards.

I might wake up completely when you come up with something that actually works out.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:37:38 by Chotaire Chotaire
i think you're one of the not-too-many ones around here who seem to believe in the strength of your own "arguments", mainly consisting of name-calling and placing your own knowledge, insights and "taste" on a platform above ours. we could use the same shit against yourself, but that wouldn't make any clear sense now would it? you've written so many posts now, that if your arguments were as godly and right as you claim they are, whe should have accepted them by now right? i mean we're probably not at our sharpest, like razor 1911 has been for years, but that doesn't directly imply we're heavily retarded.

please, enlighten us once again :)
added on the 2002-10-27 16:42:11 by superplek superplek
discussing with plek is like discussing politics with a nazi, they are too stupid to understand what u say, they dont have any arguments you cant meat and kick ass of but they still think they are winning the discussion!
added on the 2002-10-27 16:49:00 by dubmood dubmood
chotaire, if you'd take your head out of your ass instead of coming up with second-hand metaphors, you'd see my point.

there has been at least two groups called damage in the c64 scene, and at least three in the amiga scene. this is clearly stated in the damage assembly '97 party report, available from the damage home site (http://www.student.oulu.fi/~count/damage/). your damage and plek's damage are not the same group. accept it.

i'm not going to comment the other replies since they're just, erm, stupid.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:49:50 by reed reed
if you scroll back a couple of threads, you will find the point that I "give a flying shit about your coding skills". it's you fucking flame heroes picking on every production, not me :)

the only thing that makes you sickos retarded is your fucking attitude - read the world charts, read any other magazine, ask around anywhere on IRC - everyone hates you idiots.

my reason for being here is to make yourselves even a bigger laugh than you actually are. you are beaten by what you claim you're best at. but how can you be best at things that you never really seen? you know just shit about ragging - that figures if ONE person keeps all you flamers hyperventilating.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:50:55 by Chotaire Chotaire
dubmood: maybe its like this: *You* cant understand that people has different oppinions and therefor say everyone you dont understand sucks, then i ask you, WHO is the racist then? lame
added on the 2002-10-27 16:51:31 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
i've never seen anything but cliche's coming from your direction, dubmood. and i guess i'm not the only one.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:52:16 by superplek superplek
reed richards.. good! you got your facts right! still I don't know who asked for your enlightement, next time please keep your wisdom to yourself when I'm ragging a couple of lamers and don't join them.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:54:31 by Chotaire Chotaire
"i've never seen anything but cliche's coming from your direction, dubmood. and i guess i'm not the only one." - that says the master of words personally. wahahahaha..... sicko.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:56:10 by Chotaire Chotaire
strong reply, chotaire.
added on the 2002-10-27 16:59:16 by superplek superplek
such as yours, johnny sicko. btw, I'm tired of inventing new names for your new nicks. when will you find one that actually reflects yourself?
added on the 2002-10-27 17:00:35 by Chotaire Chotaire
stefan: now you are turnin my words around to somethin I didnt say, who said I dont understand them? whats wrong with your arguments? eh?
added on the 2002-10-27 17:10:17 by dubmood dubmood
before the forecasted tornado is gonna kill my electricity, I'd like to admit that macaw's comments so far have surprisingly turned out to be kinda passive, it looks like he's turning adult finally. Furthermore, on IRC I was just begged to keep macaw out of this shit, and I'll just try to ignore him for the time being.

so we have johnny sicko and stefan left. take your time and come up with something good, since I'll now play some games instead of following your lousy attempts to defend your lameness. I'll check later tonite.

added on the 2002-10-27 17:18:53 by Chotaire Chotaire
// from topic 353

Chotaire : what about focusing on doing some productions wich would proove thoese guys wrong?

Every single production 'The new razor group' has released for the last huge couple of time has been pure thrown togeather shit.

Proove them (- and me) wrong, relclaim the socalled throne of the scene with brilliant productions. - Or back the fuck off.

// quote stop

Actually macaw has been busy boozing with a bunch of danish sceners (and one norse).

I still awate your 'superproductions'
added on the 2002-10-27 17:33:42 by gekko gekko
chotaire: it's pretty obvious that your life has narrowed down to "defending the throne of razor1911 against the evil peasants from pouet.net" - how about you closed your browser, connected with your democrew and started creating rather than spamming all of us with nonsense?
macaw : jeg nakkede forresten hende i den røde ;)
added on the 2002-10-27 17:55:56 by gekko gekko
BB Image
added on the 2002-10-27 18:23:58 by willbe willbe

aah... sweet :) *cough* ehrm macaw, no I'm not defending rzr1911 from evil peasants, I'm telling you guys to fuck off for the sake of the whole scene. or let's say atleast these plek and stefaan idiots. their comments are just as useless as this major gun in your arse.


added on the 2002-10-27 18:32:30 by Chotaire Chotaire
this production sucks

added on the 2002-10-27 18:39:46 by graffik graffik
oops, so does my bbcode skills
added on the 2002-10-27 18:40:11 by graffik graffik
this production is over there BB Image
added on the 2002-10-27 18:46:19 by reed reed
ah, no wonder i'm lost, i thought this was the new releases thread, cheers m8
added on the 2002-10-27 18:47:41 by graffik graffik
anyhow; i bet domage is cooler then damage !
added on the 2002-10-27 19:02:51 by No-XS No-XS
at least the two were mixed up in some party results if i remember correctly :)
added on the 2002-10-27 19:16:43 by reed reed


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