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Lovebyte 2021 - Where size matters

category: parties [glöplog]
Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 12-14th march 2021

We'll be online streaming with different size competitions from the smallest to the even smaller. From 256 pixel graphics and nanogame competitions to bytebeat music competition.

We are open to all platforms and have intro competitions for 32byte, 64byte, 128byte and 256byte (lowend, highend and virtual machines like TIC80, PICO8 and javascript).

Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to get you started, Roundtable, DJ Sets and many other events?

This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it! Open to all platforms.

- Lovebyte. Where size matters.

added on the 2020-12-20 17:27:58 by superogue superogue
A lovely idea for an event!
Just one thing, you probably want to size-limit bytebeat entries, otherwise you'll end up with stuff like this:

added on the 2020-12-23 00:39:50 by utz utz
It's great that you're hosting an event that focuses on size-optimizing. I'll see to it that I will submit at least one entry.
added on the 2020-12-23 11:30:05 by Adok Adok
A lovely idea for an event! Just one thing, you probably want to size-limit bytebeat entries...
Good point. It was too much assumption (mother of all f*&kups) given the theme of the party. Updated website with tool and sizelimit ;-)
added on the 2020-12-23 13:36:22 by superogue superogue
TIC-80 invite out now at: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=87617

Merry Christmas everyone!
added on the 2020-12-24 13:35:28 by superogue superogue
* Commodore and Atari 8bit entries are calculated without mandatory header (3/6 bytes) for anything below 128 bytes.

what about other platforms? e.g. 32 byte header for Atari ST?
added on the 2020-12-24 14:14:48 by Blast! Blast!
Same rules apply as the 8bit platforms. I updated the website to include that as well.
* Commodore and Atari 8bit/16bit entries are calculated without mandatory header (3-32 bytes) for anything below 128 bytes.
added on the 2020-12-25 10:22:13 by superogue superogue
Bytebeat compo is such a good idea. There were fascinating entries at 1 kb compo on bitbattle over the past years. But this 256 byte compo is much more challenging.
The new 256 byte Lovebyte 2021 invitation by Sensenstahl, "Bytequila Sunrise" has just been released at Dihalt 2021, check it out at: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=87725
added on the 2021-01-09 13:02:45 by superogue superogue
First of all, thanks for all the great feedback and positive response from everybody about the party. We've already had a large number of people signing up and/or submitting prods for the various sizecoding competitions we are holding:

* 256 byte hi-end intro competition (dos,arm)
* 256 byte oldskool intro competition (spectrum, atari, commodore, cpc, bk-0010,etc.)
* 256 byte VM intro competition (tic-80, javascript)
* 128 byte intro competition
* 64 byte intro competition
* 32 byte intro competition

* Graphics competition (256 pixels)
* Bytebeat music competition (256 chars)
* Nanogame competition
... and ofcourse new prods for our 8 and 16 byte showcases.

Thanks for those that have shown interest from both oldskool and pc/arm sizecoding scene... Now because of this we are considering the following if we get enough entries for both:

1) A Hi-end and Oldskool Byte-athlon award (most points gained with highest 32b,64b,128b and 256b intro). More info about this on the website and expect more announcement about the award and prizes in the next weeks.

2) Just like the 256 byte compeititions, a seperate 128 byte intro competition for oldskool and hi-end entries to allow for slightly more apple-to-apple comparison :d

So, if you are planning or considering attending one or more of these competitions, please let us know at our email (see http://www.lovebyte.party website) or our Sizecoding Discord server (also see lovebyte website for link) so we can get a better feel for the number of considered/planned entries and act accordingly.

Hope you'll join us online in on March 12-14th for Lovebyte - Where size matters....
added on the 2021-01-16 10:40:11 by superogue superogue
Good news!

Due to the amount of interest (we've got over 70 entries confirmed already across all competitions) we've decided to have a dedicated lo-end 128 byte intro competition as well!

Also, we've finalised our choice of 16 color palettes for the 256 pixel graphics compo, they are:

Suggested Dimensions for your 256 pixel image are:
16x16 , 32x8 , 8x32, 18x14, 14x18, 21x12 and 12x21 pixels.

Now show us what you can do in 256 pixels or less!
added on the 2021-01-25 16:09:17 by superogue superogue
Are Commodore entries (for the "big" categories) required to have a BASIC stub, so they can be started with RUN, or are they allowed to be started with a manual, entry-specific SYS command?
added on the 2021-01-25 22:52:24 by Blueberry Blueberry
@blueberry: No basic stub required, so like zxspectrum rules you can provide both in the same archive (the entry with SYS address (mention in the notes/txtfile) and a autostart one for convenience)
added on the 2021-01-26 13:10:22 by superogue superogue
Thanks to Bfox for creating this awesome 256 byte Lovebyte Invite for the ZX Spectrum
added on the 2021-01-27 13:35:08 by superogue superogue
Good news everyone!

We're now accepting your entries on our party system at http://party.lovebyte.party

Please get your registration/voting keys by contacting us on the demoscene discord or our sizecoding discord https://discord.gg/5T9uM39tC2 or by emailing us at lovebyteparty@protonmail.com
added on the 2021-02-05 17:57:12 by superogue superogue
Only 1 month until the Lovebyte demoparty on march 12-14 2021 (http://www.lovebyte.party/ ).

So far preperations are going great and it looks like we will have a whole weekend packed with great content (seminars, roundtables, preshows , dj sets , demoshows and much much more surprises) for you all!

We will have tiny intro competitions for 8,16,32,64,128 and 256 byte (both oldschool (zxspectrum, BK, atari, commodore) and dos/arm platforms), as well as game, 256 pixel and bytebeat music.

Please submit your work to our party system at http://party.lovebyte.party/ (email/pm us for a registration/votekey, see website for info)
added on the 2021-02-12 14:44:12 by superogue superogue
For those that like to get their feet wet with sizecoding, here is your chance:

- The X86/DOS Starterpack for Windows with tools, emulator and documented examples is now available for download on the lovebyte website
- Commodore 64 sizecoding information by Wil has been linked to the website
- Starter guides for TIC-80, Atari and ZX Spectrum are also available

Good luck! Still 3 weeks to go...
added on the 2021-02-18 09:55:00 by superogue superogue
More into music than bytebeat formulas? No worries, we've got you covered. Create a compatible MOD of 256 notes with a maximum of 15 samples/instruments generated and exported using bytebeat snippets via greggman, and named like the bytebeat formula (limited to the 22 character instrument name). You can decide to go for 4 patterns with 1 channel, 2 patterns with 2 channels or a single pattern with 4 channels.
added on the 2021-02-24 12:54:39 by havoc havoc


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