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How jobb?

category: general [glöplog]
Although I have a day job as well, I'm getting a steady increase in small gigs were I'm doing lights/laser/vj-stuff. I operate in clubs and sometimes bring my own gear. Working in clubs means free beer so it resembles the demoscene a lot. Flashing lights, song, people dancing.
Planning and operating a light/lasershow is a lot like making a demo, you need a lot of tech, you can plan most of the stuff ahead, stack effects so they change over time on music etc.

During the day I work at a multinational bank/insurance company. The only link I can find in there is probably a lot of process-optimalistaion I carry out. I requested a Sig Sigma Green Belt training but none of that is very much demoscene related. I did mention the demoscene in my intake though.
added on the 2016-04-30 11:45:36 by numtek numtek
i am a dolphin trainer. i saw some dolphins in demos before becoming a dolphin trainer, so technically, i am a dolphin trainer thanks to the demoscene. i mentioned the demoscene to the dolphins during my intake as well, but they were more interested in the fish bucket.


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