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fake elektronik lightshow by Ephidrena

Fake Electronic Lightshow - the readme

This is loaderror on the keys 6:02 in the morning way past tg deadline.

this is what was supposed to be a stray release in order to increase my
cash flow keeping the housekeeper at bay. Actually it turned out to become
quite an llright demo I think. A better prod than those droppings we released
under the name "sumolysbryter" at least.

Releasing this demo at tg may seem weird, but it saves us from having to battle
names instead of demos in the compo. Kind of glad we didnt have to go against tbl
on mekka(breakpoint). Although the skills of the Tbl crew are considerable, I sometimes
feel that they have a following of blind people who need to be constantly drunk in order
to cover up their brain incapabilities facing straightforward thinking people. A lot of
people vote for names instead of productions which is rather ridiculous. This has always
been an aspect of the scene(and the real world) so I dont expect any change really.

The most enjoyable part of releasing this demo at TG was of course to kick 16 pc-demos'
ass. I didnt feel very well after going hearing that they had slammed together the
compos gladly ignoring the difference between 256 colour 50Mhz guttercomputer and 2.5GHz
zillion poly spewing monstermachines. Some amigafreak people might say that amiga is the
most powerful computer ever, but sadly for you the coder in ephidrena is prepared to
prove you otherwise by inputting every circuit of each machine into your ass while
singing "XXXXX number of transistors on the wall.. you take one down, you pass it around.."

I heard there were only 3 amiga demos at mekka this year. And not so many pc demos
either. Maybe you people should focus a little more on scene stuff rather than
competing to become the most drunken losers in the galaxy. The first may actually
demand some brain intervention.. you have been warned....


some quick greets:
the black lotus - 32 meg???? argh! those scenes had better be good. thanks for
the modern tools :)
scarab - great 4k intro with cool 303 emu
spaceballs - for all the team building.
loonies - where was your demo?
nocturnal - ten years!
iris - looking forward to seeing your demo.
contraz - and your demo aswell,
potion, mawi, appendix, scenic, dcs, darkage, gods, apathy, software failure,
embassy...... uh.. too tired sorry.. :)

If any ascii artists want to make an ephidrena logo or diz, send it to


would be very appreciated..

The views expressed here arent necessarily those of the programmer, but might
be those of his mother while steadily shoveing a miniature train set up the arse
of the said ephidrena member.... still youre all a bunch of smelly pubic hair..
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