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BREAKOUT2002 LASERBEAMS PAL by Relational Framework [web]

Categories: Atari VCS 6K Demo entry AND Game entry
Produced by: RelationalFramework.com
Written By: "Mr SQL" from AtariAge
System Specs: Atari VCS and the Starpath SuperCharger or Harmony cart
ROM binary for the Harmony cart: BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_PAL_R3.bin
WAV file for the SuperCharger: BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_PAL_R3.wav
Demo details:
The demo tells the story of a BREAKOUT Ball with a laserbeam traveling through a giant 8 way scrolling breakout board!

The Ball is chased by the "paddle" in the form of a scrolling logo, an Atari marquee!

The scrolling board contains a large scrolling text zone that bounces the characters about, and also a large score and level indicator. 

You will see the following events unfold during the demo story - 
The Ball exhausts the laserbeams and bounces around knocking out bricks
The Ball clears a round and recharges the laserbeams
The Ball gets caught by the Atari logo [Blue screen event! Drops the level back to 0!]
The Ball shoots the Atari Logo, Logo comes back to life

Note: Careful not to touch the joysticks or a slightly different demo story may unfold!
Game details: 
Players can join in anytime! Player 1 controls the Ball, Player 2 controls the Logo paddle.
Player 1 tries to reach the treasure room, Level 10. Player 2 tries to hit player 1 head on.

Game Rules: 
1. The camera always follows the Ball - the paddle is like Tails in "Sonic and tails"!
2. Special move: Players can perform a "Sonic roll" through an entire line of bricks just like the characters in Sonic and tails!
3. Button: Turns off the laserbeams while held down [you must have the laser off to perform a sonic roll].

Interesting musical effects - the sonic rolls create arpeggios and the computer generated music creates canons from resequencing the tracker sequencer musical score. This is done with a very tiny workspace because the entire program must fit into 6K! 

Here is a discussion thread on AtariAge about the Fx with a picture of me signing books at a computer Expo with an interesting demo from 1987:


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