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the curious old one by Sensenstahl [web]



  \.8o\ \\the curious old one
  a 128b intro by sensenstahl
  for function 2o19 \\   \  \
  greets  are flying  out to:
  preacher, stingray, kuemmel
  hellmood,  hardy,  digimind
  big mozarello, ferris,  wbc
  harekiet,optimus, britelite
  mog, sim, the demozoo staff
  cocoon, ivory labs,ninjadev
  prismbeings, desire, m 'n m
  ipggi of defacto2,unchained
  k-storm, conspiracy,  hodor
  mercury, trsi, logicoma all
  hjb members & of course all
  sizecoders ///   /  / //eof
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