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Space Cat by Funny Curly Cat Code Factory

FCCCF presents Space Cat
for - One Scene compo - in 
Assembly 2019

This entry was created during the event using the LÖVE 2D
framework and LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio).

I had much fun creating this one, especially the music because
I felt like I learned a lot and I got to make italo disco, which 
is one of my favourite genres.

Thanks to Espen Kraft and his tutorial video 
Italo Disco - Old-school synth-pop tutorial/workflow - Free patches DX7
on Youtube. It was a big help.

Also thanks to Scene Lounge organizers for the comfy and inspiring
scene lounge <3

Muffintrap - everything

LÖVE: http://love2d.org/
LMMS: https://www.lmms.io/
Italo disco video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ziInu6xglE

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