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Vandalism News #69 by Onslaught [web] & Offence [web] & Vandalism News Staff [web]

Let's have some facts about Vandalism News issue 69.

Again we broke the world record! Spread across 6 disk sides, 
comprising of 97,211 words and 454,491 characters to the sum of 612kb of text tenacity!

- Who is hot and who is not? Headline news, World of Demos, and Game & Magazine reviews! 
- The Making of Rivalry - Vandalism News injecting more rivalry onto your screen!
- Interviews: we go one on one with Trap, Prowler, Magnar, Compyx, Golara and Sparta!
- The Will to Scene - Mop/Alcatraz dives deeper into the why the C64 show must go on!
- Partyzone: reporting exclusively from Moonshine Dragons, Revision and World of Commodore
- Pixel Perfection: Vandalism News 69 title picture drawn by JonEGG
- The Market: Vandalism News puts upcoming games and newly fondled exotic hardware under the magnifying glass! 
- Give Hate A Chance! - How Facet/G*P created a compo picture for Flashback 2019
- Anecdotes! - DeeKay of Crest on three decades of C64 demo making!
- Demo Map Germany - A Journey through the ages and facts about the German demo scene foundation!
- Vandalism News Jukebox - 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Rock, Vincenzo, TDM, Jammer, 
Voyager, SIDwave, celticdesign, Scarzix, ZZAP69 and Shogoon.
- Great Disk covers + Labels (by Lobo) and funky Directory Art (by SiNK)

And much much more inside!
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