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Groove Action by Plant

                          G R O O V E   A C T I O N
                       a B-class demo on Your computer

        Sorry everybody we might have offended. We love You.


        Groove Action took part in Scenario demo competition
        at Lahti. The results should be out there somewhere.
        We haven't seen them yet though.


        Divine Booty was made in a hellish rush. This one was
        made in even hellier rush. Everything was pre-calculated,
        pre-drawn and pre-compiled in three days - from the scratch.


        This package with this text file is the bugfixed and final
        one. Don't spread or DL the older competition version.

        You need to have Gravis Ultrasound to run this production.
        Memory shouldn't be a problem.

        If your machine boots or something other wierd happens during
        the show, try running it with "no irq"-option. We take no
        responsibility for any damage it might cause to you or your
        computer (or on anything else for that matter).


        Production team

     Code ............ Mik Sair
     Graphics ........ Beatnik
     Groovy tune ..... Dune
     Pmode ........... Tran


        Our love goes out to

     Sonic, FTJ, EMF, Complex, FTJ, Orange, We, FTJ Prods, FC, Stellar,
     FTJ, Nooon, Jamm and the rest.


        Contact us at

                the FC/Prime bustrip to Denmark

        or in case of commercial matters email to


        (100% reply guaranteed to the ones with a photo)

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