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Shattered Minds by Byterapers [web]

                      ,xXXXX  $$$$$$            `^4XXXXXx,
                      XXXXXX  $$$$$$               `XXXXXX
                     XXXXXXX  l$$$$$                 XXXXXX
                    :XXXXX'   l$$$$$  ____           `XXXXX:
                    lXXXXX    :$$$$$$$$$$$$iix,_      XXXXXl
                   :XXXXXl    :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$i,    lXXXXX:
                   lXXXXX:     $$$$$l`   `"4$$$$$$:   :XXXXX:
                   :XXXXXl     $$$$$l       l$$$$$l   lXXXXX:
                 .  lXXXXX     l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  :XXXXXl
                 .  :XXXXX,    l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  lXXXXX: :
            .    .   XXXXXXi   :$$$$$l___,xi$$$$$$: .XXXXXX .:
            .    ::   XXXXXXXl :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7' ,iXXXXX  ::
            :  ..:::. `7XXXXXX  $$$$$$$$$$$77\^` .xXXXXX7' ::::  :
         ...::::::::::. `7XXXX_______________,,xiXXXXX7' .::::::.:... .    h7
   ---------------------- `7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7' ----------------------
   % B Y T E R A P E R S %   `"/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\"`   % B Y T E R A P E R S %
   ----------------------------  ```^^^/\^^^```   ---------------------------

                   www.byterapers.com facebook.com/byterapers/ 
                           When best is not good enough.

 Byterapers, Inc. presents a demo for Assembly Summer 2018 Oldschool demo compo

                        - S H A T T E R E D   M I N D S -

 Credits and debits
 Code      ... Xwd, Mr.Sex, Bera
 Graphics  ... Manu
 Music     ... Roz	
 Design    ... Mikron, Manu, Mr.Sex
 Boss      ... Mikron

 Additional assets

 Doomsday texture pack by Wode & Dice of Doomsday
 Septober font CC3.0 by Jamie Place (modified by Manu)

 Hardware and emulators used for development and testing
 P133 non-MMX, GUS/SB, 32M, ET6000 
 DOSBox, PCem, 86box

 Sorry about a bit unfinished quality, transitions and sync. Deadline is the real enemy.

 -       -       -       -
 A lot of (b) members can be contacted if you know how.
 Some can be contacted even if you don't know the way of exploding fist.

 If needed in case of emergency, interest, or beer that you would like 
 to share, one could try to use information superhighway technology gadgets

 Visit the byterapers web pages at http://www.byterapers.com 
 or put your thumbs up at https://facebook.com/byterapers/

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