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Hexel by Ephidrena

Hexel by Ephidrena

Amiga Aga 060 demo 

Note: Requires about 1,8mb of chipram, boot from
cli before starting the demo to avoid issues.

Loaderror coded and did some graphics  
Frequent did the music  

Frequent writing:

The soundtrack for this demo, called "Myk som en ugle" 
is based on the tune "Fjernorienteringsreferanse" taken
from my ep with the same name, released in 2016.
Composed in 96khz-24bit and downconverted to Loaderrors
special format for removal of 8-bit noice in 28603Hz

Loaderror have during the last months been working with
the visuals every singe day and I'm really glad we finised
the demo in time. Things started to take shape during february
and by mid march all parts in the track where filled with
visuals. There might be a final version sometime after the party.

Various greets to: Adapt, Boozombies, Carl. B, Dekadence, Darklite,
Dead Hackers Society, Elude, Ghosttown, Gwem, Hoaxers, Kewlers, 
Lemon, Loonies, Pacific, Paraguay, Portal Process, Scarab, Scoopex, 
Software Failure, Spookysys, The Black Lotus, Traktor, Tulou, 
and forgotten.

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