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XTC-Play v0.97c by Sanction [web]

                           Features of XTC-PLAY
                           <read also WHATSNEW>

    Soundcards supported:

        ■ The Ultrasound GF1-series (i.e. Classic, Max and Ace)
        ■ Interwave boards revision A+B (e.g. Gus PnP)
        ■ Creative Labs Soundblaster series (SB,SBPro,SB16,SB32,SB64)
        ■ Supreme silence player at 44khz/16bit :-)


        ■ 669 8 channels, 1-128 channels
        ■ DSM 1-32 channels, 1-128 patterns
        ■ DMF 1-32 channels, 1-256 patterns, different pattern length
                             versions 0.3-0.8 included
        ■ FAR 1-16 channels, 1-64 patterns,  different pattern length
        ■ IT  1-32 channels, linear AND amiga frequency supported
        ■ MDL 1-32 channels, 1-255 patterns, 1-4096 tracks
        ■ MOD 2,4,...,30,32 channels and 15/31 patterns
        ■ MP1
          MP3 MPEG I,II  any layer, any bitrates
        ■ MTM 1-32 channels, 1-255 patterns and 4096 tracks
        ■ NST 4 channels
        ■ PTM 1-32 channels, 1-128 patterns
        ■ S3M 1-32 channels and 1-255 patterns
        ■ STM 1-32 channels, 1-128 patterns
        ■ WOW 8 channels
        ■ VOC standard VOC, no loops
        ■ WAV standard PCM, 8/16bit, mono/stereo
        ■ XM  1-32 channels, 1-255 patterns, 0-15 samples each pattern,
                             different pattern length(1-256 rows)
                             versions 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 now included
                             linear AND amiga frequency table are supported


        ■ ProTracker and compatible (MOD,NST,WOW)
             except Glissando, Set Filter and play sample backwards.
        ■ ScreamTracker (S3M,STM)
             complete, except the limitations of the Protracker format.
        ■ MTM-commands (MTM)
             modified ProTracker commands, seem to be complete.
        ■ FastTracker (XM)
             XM-Volume and Panning Envelopes including Sustain, Loop,
             Key off, Fadeout, special commands, amiga+linear tables.
        ■ Digitrakker (MDL)
             All effects are supported.
        ■ 669
             Porta and Speed commands are implemented.
        ■ Digital Sound Module (DSM)
             All effects are supported.
        ■ Polytracker Module Format - PTMF (PTM)
             Nearly all effects are implemented.
        ■ X-Tracker (DMF)
             Nearly all global, volume, note, panning and instrument effects
             are supported :-)
             All RR Chapter 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10 are played !
        ■ Impulse Tracker (IT)
             Nearly all effects are supported.
             NNA (new note actions) are currently NOT supported.
        ■ Audio MPEG
             MPEG type I,II
             MPEGs encapsulated in WAV files
             Layers 1,2,3
             All sampling rates (48, 44, 32, 24, 22, 16kHz)
             All bitrates


        ■ HELP
              Press F1 to get the help screen

              Multiplies  the  size of your  GUS' RAM with  the  factor 8. That
              means if you own a 1MB GUS,  you can load modules up to 8MB (with
              an 8MB  interwave you  have 64MB !!!).  This  system is  *really*
              intelligent, it  tries  to  detect  the  most  efficient  way  to

              Is your mainboard capable to do this ? If not use /D switch.

        ■ NOTE BARS
              Follow the song with your eyes!

        ■ MULTI SCREENS:

                GUS + INTERWAVE memory layout at the moment

                What in the hell did the author write about ?

           - VOLUME BARS
               Volume Bars according to the volumes of the song

           - WATER DROPS
               Nice water-screen synchronized with the music

           - PLASMA SCREEN
               Very nice sinus calculated plasma synchronized to the music,
               resolution can be triggered up to 1024x768

           - OSCILLOSCOPE
               Little  oscilloscope  with  background  TGA (XTC-PLAY.TGA).  The
               background TGA is 8 bits colour, so you must have a picture in 8
               bits. The  smaller the picture  the less memory is used. You can
               use any size ... it will be centered.

               Some SIN+COS transformation of oscilloscope...

           - FFT ANALYZER
               See a spectrum of music. Left side is  low frequency, right side
               is high frequency...

              Select  the files  you want to  play while you  are playing other
              ones. Includes now fast file selection and play lists (see below)

        ■ SAMPLE "VIEWER"
              Listen  to  the  samples  using all notes  and 10  octaves ! Full
              keyboard support exact like ST3 !

              Custom font  for volume bars, etc... Four fonts  to  choose  from
              (switch with ALT-f)

        ■ OS/2 Support (Timeslice support)
              Using 15% for up to  4 channel modules
                    20% for up to  6 channel modules
                    25% for up to 10 channel modules
                    40% for up to 32 channel modules (?) on a DX2-66
              Only active if in  file screen,  in OS/2 background screen "o" or
              in Pause Mode "p".

        ■ SETUP
              Internal Setup for fast configuration.

        ■ PLAY LISTS
              You can use play lists  inside the file  selector. That means you
              can  choose  some  files which  are played  sequentially  without
              explicit loading via ENTER.

              You can add files with RIGHT  in selector  mode 3 (F4) and delete
              them with LEFT. Use CTRL-LEFT  to delete last file in list if you
              are not on the file itself.

              If you add a  playlist file (.pls)  all filenames inside the file
              are added.


                FILE: example.pls


                FILE: example2.pls
                   final.ptm nova.it lovely.mp3

              When you press  right on the  file example.pls  the three modules
              are added to the play list.

              If you want to use packed  modules with a file list, say you have
              a file packed.rar which contains playme.xm. Then you should write
              "<PATH>packed.rar/playme.xm". Remember : Use "/", not "\".

              If  the  files  are  in  a   subdirectory  of  the  archive,  say
              "SUB\playme.xm" in the  archive "C:\SOUND\packed.rar"  you should
              write "C:\SOUND\packed.rar/SUB\playme.xm".

    Important notes:

        ■ The  player  will run  with  any  graphics  card.  Installing a  VESA
          compliant driver  (recommendable  is version  2.0  with  linear frame
          buffer) will speed up the  player and give it  access to new graphics
          modes such as high resoluted tunnel modes and oscilloscopes.

          If you load UNIVBE of Scitech, Inc. you'll see in your VESA mode list
          that there  is no longer any  hi-resoluted textmode  available. Start
          *ONCE* uvconfig -i to reenable your textmodes.

          If this fails... when you  have an  ET4000 or  S3 card  I support  it
          directly... when not...

        ■ Soundblaster support is implemented finally.

          You can force SB with /C3 or otherwise it will be autodetected. It is
          important  that  your BLASTER/INTERWAVE/ULTRASND  environment is set,
          otherwise your sound card won't be detected !

          The autodetection process goes:

                * Interwave                     Check ULTRASND and INTERWAVE
                * UltraSound                    Check ULTRASND
                * Soundblaster  16              Check BLASTER
                * No sound                      Nothing found

                * The diskwriter is optional    Enable with /CW

          Sound blaster AWE32 is supported through SB16 (soon native).

          If you  have  other  chips such  as ESS/WSS,  write to me !  If I get
          enough response, I will include drivers for them.

    Configuration file:

        XTC-PLAY.CFG stores the whole configuration of XTC-PLAY. If you want to
        change the settings,  call XTC-PLAY with  parameter "/S" or press ALT-S
        inside the player.


        Look into the online  help, can be  activated ANY  TIME with F1  in the


            XTC-PLAY.EXE [musicmodule] [[device] options]

             Any *.669, *.DMF, *.DSM, *.FAR, *.IT ,
                 *.MDL, *.MOD, *.MP?, *.MTM, *.PTM,
                 *.S3M, *.STM, *.VOC, *.WAV, *.XM  module.

             /B     Create BOOTLOG.XTC (for bug detection send this file to me!)
             /D     NonDMA download for GUS
             /E     Quit when song has ended
             /H     Help
             /M     Memory adjustment
             /S     Setup

            [device options]
             /1     mono output
             /8     8bits output
             /C0    Null sound device
             /C1    AMD Interwave
             /C2    Gravis Ultrasound
             /C3    SB 16
             /C4    SBPro Stereo 22kHz
             /C5    SB 2.01+/Pro Mono 44kHz
             /C6    SB mono 1.00
             /CW    Disk writer
             /F<Hz> Set frequency to <Hz>
             /I     Turn off interpolation (slow CPUs)

signing off...

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