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Aqua by Altair

                            Altair @ Riverwash 2017
                      _____   ________   ____ ___  _____   
                     /  _  \  \_____  \ |    |   \/  _  \  
                    /  /_\  \  /  / \  \|    |   /  /_\  \ 
                   /    |    \/   \_/.  \    |  /    |    \
                   \____|__  /\_____\ \_/______/\____|__  /
                           \/        \__>               \/ 

                            Demo for Playstation 2


    code: mi-ku
    msx: x-ceed
    2d: fuzzy, malfunction
    3d: domkos, malfunction
    support: nimfadora, ratz, kk
    group org: malfunction

Tech info:
    All code was implemented by me (mi-ku/Altair) except sound (I have used 
    ps2snd lib from homebrew PS2SDK) and jpeg decompressor.

    Our demo framework utilizes PS2 specific features like Vector Unit 1 custom
    transform and lighting with clipping and backface culling manually
    implemented in Vector Unit assembly. 

    Framework is writing to and reading from hardware memory and registers
    directly without use of any foreign code except JPEG decompressor and 
    libraries except ps2snd.

    During implementation of this demo I didn't have any working debugger. I've 
    been using printf and memory dumps to analyze bugs. At the beginning it was 
    really hard to find out why things weren't working as they should (or I 
    expected). So... yeah, implementing all of this was really "interesting" 

How to run:

    Real hardware required. You'll need real console to run this demo properly,
    modded or with FreeMCBoot. This build works with ps2link and PCSX2 emulator
    However on emulator demo will run without sound. To run it with ps2link you
    should have ps2link running on console with proper network configuration,
    then on PC use ps2client with following command:

        ps2client -h CONSOLEIP execee host:altair.elf

    where CONSOLEIP is IP address of your PS2.
    To run it on PCSX2 "Enable host file system" option should be enabled.

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