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SEASHELL by Abaddon [web]

SEASHELL by TomCat/Abaddon
256b intro for the RiverWash 2017 demo party

this effect was first used in our 64k intro called Pied
shown at ASM'95 in Helsinki...
later it was coded as a 4k called Shells1
and finally here is the 256b version!

Cause of the 640x480 resolution truecolor video mode
I recommend to run the intro under FreeDOS

256b should be enough for everything :)

- kapor@dit.hu

With the help of Rufus: https://rufus.akeo.ie/
it's very easy to make a bootable USB with FreeDOS.
Then after restart press F12 for a DELL, F9 for a HP PC
and just select the legacy USB drive from the boot menu!
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