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My Summer Demo by Byterapers [web]

                      ,xXXXX  $$$$$$            `^4XXXXXx,
                      XXXXXX  $$$$$$               `XXXXXX
                     XXXXXXX  l$$$$$                 XXXXXX
                    :XXXXX'   l$$$$$  ____           `XXXXX:
                    lXXXXX    :$$$$$$$$$$$$iix,_      XXXXXl
                   :XXXXXl    :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$i,    lXXXXX:
                   lXXXXX:     $$$$$l`   `"4$$$$$$:   :XXXXX:
                   :XXXXXl     $$$$$l       l$$$$$l   lXXXXX:
                 .  lXXXXX     l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  :XXXXXl
                 .  :XXXXX,    l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  lXXXXX: :
            .    .   XXXXXXi   :$$$$$l___,xi$$$$$$: .XXXXXX .:
            .    ::   XXXXXXXl :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7' ,iXXXXX  ::
            :  ..:::. `7XXXXXX  $$$$$$$$$$$77\^` .xXXXXX7' ::::  :
         ...::::::::::. `7XXXX_______________,,xiXXXXX7' .::::::.:... .    h7
   ---------------------- `7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7' ----------------------
   % B Y T E R A P E R S %   `"/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\"`   % B Y T E R A P E R S %
   ----------------------------  ```^^^/\^^^```   ---------------------------


 My Summer Demo. A (B) contribution to the Assembly 2017 Oldschool Demo Competition.

 Developed under current Asm compo rules, target machine is Pentium 133 (non-MMX)

 Run demo.exe for ultimate pleasure. Usual Midas soundcard support. Univbe not required.

 Includes Win32 build, run demo_win32. Press Alt-Enter for fullscreen.

 If you STILL want to run this demo via Dosbox, we recommend pentium_slow & 80k-120k cycles.


 Xwd     ... Code, demosystem and effects
 Bera    ... Code, demosystem relic and effects
 Mikron  ... Design, bullying & producing
 Roz     ... Soundtrack 
 Manu    ... Visuals (leased from Fit)
 Spiikki ... Visuals (leased from Dekadence)

 Extra Credits

 Deadbeat of The Sharks ... Software support
 Jare & Jcab of Iguana  ... Source code bits & tips
 Mr.Sex, Sivu & Gurdan  ... Belib source code bits 
 We recycled few (n) Doomsday textures. Thanks to Wode & Dice.

 Special thanks to Dogo, Rez, Urs, Haohmaru and Branch for being such a adoring fans!

 Don't forget to participate My Summer Party 2018! Check www.mysummerparty.org
 A lot of (b) members can be contacted if you know how.
 Some can be contacted even if you don't know the way of exploding fist.

 If needed in case of emergency, interest, or beer that you would like 
 to share, one could try to use information superhighway technology gadgets

 Visit the byterapers web pages at http://www.byterapers.com

        / |     ||      
       *  ||----||      
          ^^    ^^      
      Why Am I So Tired? 

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