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fuzzy dominoes by fuzzion [web]

´fuzzy dominoes´
follow our game

a fuzzion intro 4096bytes
1st place at euskal'10

> credits

bp - code
ufx - code
sml - music, design

> greets

amb, anaconda, calodox, capsule, centosis, chanka, cod,
collapse,  concept,  d-lirium,   elerium core,  exceed,
farbrausch,  hansa,  iguana,  incognita,  inside,   k5, 
mankind,  network, orion,  ozone,   rgba,  stravaganza, 
software failure,  sos, synth,  the dark rising, tlotb,
threepixels,  unik,  unknown  productions,  wild  bits.

> misc

· Run the intro inside "pocafeina_addon" only if you are as 
  drunk as us while we were doing it.
· The exe files are the unpacked versions.

(c) www.FUZZiON.org 2002
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