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X220 by Hackers [web]

:: X220 by HACKERS

   - a 100% software-rendered demo for the Lenovo X220
     portable computing platform and compatibles

   Code and idea:                Ash Checksum
   Game world and design help:   Hi-Stack
   Song and Jean-Claudening:     Van Damme

   The demo expects a GNU/Linux based custom 64-bit firmware.
   Binary is compiled on Ubuntu 16.04.

   Tips on getting this to run on X220 compatibles:

   - Rendering happens on the desktop resolution by default.
     You might also try to run the binary with --medres
     or --lores if your compatible computer has different
     performance characteristics.

   - If audio plays from wrong device, try to set env-variable
     SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa before running.

   - use --windowed to run demo in "Desktop Adventures" mode
     with 1:1 aspect ratio and a completely different feeling


   Some notes:

   - Most of the parts are "multithreaded" and "optimized" with AVX instructions
   - Most of the parts are also old experiments, and should be completely recoded
     for the optimal visual fidelity (especially the VIS part..)
   - Post-processing blur runs on single thread. It COULD be optimized but
     i'm lazy..
   - Greetings to intel and their amazing instruction set :---D
   - Sorry about the bugs, too lazy to fix them now.
     "final cut" maybe arrives some day..

   Ash / Hackers
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