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engage by Logicoma [web]

engage by logicoma
final version
ferris x wobble x h0ffman x darth shader
Revision 2017

Produced with copious amounts of iron oxide, deep-fried with rocket fuel harvested 
from the lunar surface, sliced to bits live by our special sabre, and finally
kkrunched to a fine powder.

Special thanks to blueberry for tool inspiration/help, emoon for the custom rocket editor 
and support, SaVannaH for being heckin rad, Baggers for the walks and rants, Psycho for
some tips on how to reduce our shader compile time, emoon and lclhstr for final testing,
and of course Revision orga's for a fantastic party. This wouldn't have been possible
without you!

Final changelog:
 - Reduce startup time significantly
   - We measured up to 88% !
 - Add music pre-render dialog option for slower CPU's
   - Makes above point moot if used :)
 - Improve performance for some scenes
 - Fix strange banding artifacts beyond fog distance
 - Minor visual/camera/post tweaks



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