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Speed by Paranoids

                A 4 kb intro

            --   S P E E D   --

            by Codex / Paranoids

Lenght: about 2 minutes (in my p90)
	(tho it's a little longer with slow machine and a little faster
	with fast machines...)

Works with all machines 386+.

The disk contains the following files:

    SPEED.EXE          - The assembly'95 partyversion. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!
                         (It's only for the party)
	README.TXT         - This file     
    SPEED.ZIP          - Zipped release version. Spread it!
                         Contains files SPEED.EXE and README.TXT
NOTE! Zipped version of the SPEED.EXE is NOT the same file than the


Distributing this product without permission is strictly forbidden.
You are given permission to spread and use this product, if all the 
following is valid: 
1) No fee is taken from distributing the product
   - The only exception is given to assembly'95 organizing, they can put
     it to Assembly'95 CD.
2) All files are in their original form. No changes allowed!

Speed (c) 1995 Paranoids. All rights reserved.

		Contact Addresses

	Tero Pulkkinen
	Opiskelijankatu 4 C 156
	33720 Tampere
    Phone (in finland): 949-513927
    E-mail: terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi

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