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Lite by The Mad Team

                                  The Mad Team

1. System requirements

   -386 Processor 
   -VGA Card
   -Gravis UltraSound for Music
   -If intro locks up than try to remove EMM386 or QEMM

2.Unpacking music

Type :

LITE u  ,or LITE /u  ,or LITE -u    to unpack the music from the intro.

If you want to contact us try this InterNet address:

Pety of The Mad Team :   tankap@rs3.szif.hu

Or call this number  :
                         06-33-319-619    /Pálmai Róbert -  Pasy/

5. The Mad Team memberlist


Nickname:          Real name:                             Work:
Pasy               Pálmai Róbert                          Code
Vince              Láng Péter                             Code
DRM                Szeleczki Róbert                       Code
JUST               Pálmai Gábor                           Music
Rascy              Schalk Tamás                           RayTrace,GFX,Code
Pety               Tanka Péter                            Swapper
Dose               Tuba Gábor                             GFX
Sodom              Szádoczki Krisztián                    GFX


CODE                       Pasy, Vince
MUSIC                      JUST
GFX                        Sodom, Dose
DESIGN                     Pasy, JUST
MODPLAYER                  Robert Adolfsson


                                            BYE !

                                   Watch for next TMT program !
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