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Lite by The Mad Team (pc)

                                  The Mad Team

1. System requirements

   -386 Processor 
   -VGA Card
   -Gravis UltraSound for Music
   -If intro locks up than try to remove EMM386 or QEMM

2.Unpacking music

Type :

LITE u  ,or LITE /u  ,or LITE -u    to unpack the music from the intro.

If you want to contact us try this InterNet address:

Pety of The Mad Team :   tankap@rs3.szif.hu

Or call this number  :
                         06-33-319-619    /P lmai R¢bert -  Pasy/

5. The Mad Team memberlist


Nickname:          Real name:                             Work:
Pasy               P lmai R¢bert                          Code
Vince              L ng P‚ter                             Code
DRM                Szeleczki R¢bert                       Code
JUST               P lmai G bor                           Music
Rascy              Schalk Tam s                           RayTrace,GFX,Code
Pety               Tanka P‚ter                            Swapper
Dose               Tuba G bor                             GFX
Sodom              Sz doczki Kriszti n                    GFX


CODE                       Pasy, Vince
MUSIC                      JUST
GFX                        Sodom, Dose
DESIGN                     Pasy, JUST
MODPLAYER                  Robert Adolfsson


                                            BYE !

                                   Watch for next TMT program !
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