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a fire upon the deep by mfx [web]

mfx presents:

"A Fire Upon The Deep"

A 3d accelerated windows demo presented at the 'Burn Motherfucker, Burn!' 
festival (also known as lobotomia 2) which was held in Lahti, Finland 
from 14th to the 16th of June, 2002.


mel funktion: music composing
little bitchard: music arranging
uncle-x: code, design, some gfx
rainmaker: original code
manticore: photography
216: some code and lots of help

also big thanks to synteesi, dixan, droid, melwyn and h7 for betatesting support.


All that is in the package and a computer with a 3d accelerator (something equal 
to or way better than a voodoo3). Has been tested with lots of different setups
and only refused to work on one (a WinXP w. Ati Rage). 

Uses nothing fancy. (should basically work with every reasonable hw setup)


* This was originally a remix of an unreleased kewlers demo but ended up being
  completely different from the original. Only the soundtrack (in a modified form) 
  and some code are left over from the original.

* The name doesn't really have anything to do with the Vernon Vinge book.

* If it looks like crap, run it as: "demo.exe v". If after that it still looks 
  crap, give up.


kooma, (ex)haujobb, slengpung staff, farbrausch, retro-ac, calodox, damage, 
damones, unique, rno, dcs, phn, hirmu etc. etc. etc.

Also big thanks to the farbrausch guys for donating mfx all that beer at mekka2002. 
I hope people enjoyed them as much as we did:) 



uncle-x: naleskin@cs.helsinki.fi 
mel funktion: function@welho.com / http://www.mp3.com/mel_funktion
little bitchard: littleb@luukku.com / http://www.mp3.com/bitchard
rainmaker: kimmo.seppanen@kolumbus.fi
manticore: apaarni@urova.fi
216: jwuolijo@cs.helsinki.fi
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