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Goldilocks by Planet Earth [web] & optimus

Goldilocks by Optimus & Planet Earth

Code: Optimus
Graphics: Forcer
Music: Revisq

It's finished and I am very happy with it. Lot's of cafeteria coding, airport coding, train, hotel and party coding..
This demo started more than 3 years ago, abandonded and then decided to finish it one month before the deadline.
Probably my first proper DOS demo (excluding Qbasic stuff and Atsou), specially optimized for 486dx with 4MB Ram. 
Might even run slowly on a 386 but I haven't tried. In DOSBOX, 24000 or more cycles would be enough.

Party version. Maybe I'll make a final version where I fix few more minor glitches and make the damn thing time correctly with non 70hz displays.

p.s. Next DOS demo will be on my Amstrad Alt 286? Will see..
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