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Lain by OtakInc [web]

Release : LAIN (JAVA-DEMO) Competition-Version
Fullname  : Joachim Diepstraten
handle : Chojin
group : OtakInc
address : Joachim Diepstraten
          D-75446 Wiernsheim

e-mail  : chojin@d-lusion.com
phone :  (+49)/7044/920803
homepage : http://www.d-lusion.com/OtakInc
Recommended-Screen-resolution :  640x480x(24/32)bit

We don't care about the money, if we should win any prize-money
give it to the next place scoring under us! Or send us
a Party-T-Shirt instead!

Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or 5.0 (if there is
trouble with MISE 5.0, remove it completly including it's JAVA-VM-Engine
and install  4.01 new!! In MISE 5.0's JAVA-VM-Engine is a bug,
we added a workaround to it, but we're not 100% sure if it works

Start the JAVA-Demo with INDEX.HTML!!! (not with LAIN.HTML!!!)

Sorry we had to insert a slowdown for fast Pentium-II-Machines
We were shocked when we first saw this thing on a PII-400
it was way too fast to enjoy. (Didn't know our engine was
so fast ^_^U)
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