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Entropy by Epoch [web]

"Entropy" by Epoch (the usual suspects)
  A PC/Windows demo for the Assembly 2014 Demo Compo.
  A relatively quick one done merely for (our) entertainment and (your) annoyance.
  We don't approve of schedules. Väsyttää perkeleesti.

  dysposin   graphics, blender ninja
  noby       music, direction, additional code
  sainigma   3D
  sm         code, design, direction
  The skybox is (still) made by 93i and it is released under creative commons license

(c) etc
  glew, glfw, GNU Rocket, fxaa, stb_image
  Resolution picker by Gargaj
  GPU Noise Lib by Brian Sharpe

Greetings and respect
  SQNY, Flo, Traction, Quite, Halcyon, Peisik, Pan Sonic

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