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10 Facts of Life by Skraappa! Skruuppi

* 10 facts of life by Skraappa ! Skruuppi *

We made this production for the 10th anniversary of Assembly meeting.
The base idea was to find out one useless fact for every year.

Code + design	-	Kurkku
3D-Object	-	qavu
GFX		-	Kimmo
Ideas		-	JAM + Hellu

Directx 7.0 or newer needed

If intro is not working with your machine, try these on the command line:

-w = windowmode
-n = nosound
-e = windowmode and nosound

F6 = switch windowmode<>fullscreen 

I hope you enjoy this. 	-hex

Special Greets to Weed of Coral for additional bug fixing.
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