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2014 Racing invite by 771

This was built to run on a specific Dell Dimension 4500, there is some basic
music based timing in place but the scroller may or may not complete at the
right time depending on the system it's run on and my code doesn't gracefully
account for that.

The music is Point of Departure by Necros.  I have one mod to my name, it's a
horrible remix... that's all that shall be mentioned of it beyond noting thats
why I borrowed someone else's far better work.

The zip contains both the executable and all the src/includes needed to build
it in PDS 7.1.  Sound is via the BWSB package.  I also included the degif6.bas
tool I used for converting .gifs to BLOAD compatible formats with appended
palette info.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5y-Xq7mvsc is a recording of the demo that I
have passed around to my racing friends showing what it's supposed to look
like when run on my particular workbench.  Video is captured via the SVideo
output on a Radeon 7000.  The primary goal was to get something different out
there for racer vids, hopefully I succeeded.  Being able to incorporate my
love of the demoscene is just an added bonus.

771 Racing
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