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Puvut by Huhuu [web]

PUVUT - A Beginner Demo Compo Entry by Huhuu
        to Alt Party 2013

The original, submitted version is demo_puvut.html and
needs Chrome or Safari to run (mp3 support and such).

The bug-fixed version is demo_puvut_fixed.html and
it runs fine in at least the latest Chromium and
Firefox versions.

The ogg file was also not submitted to the actual
competition, but is included for wider browser
support (Firefox and Chromium).

You can also view the demo online at:

This project used git for development and its
repository, including assets is available at:

The demo was written within ten days before the
compo. First we spent a week of project planning,
development tools and assets, which you can see
in the repository.

Thanks for a great party and all the fish!

  Open the html file in your browser.
  Click in the window to enter full screen (optional),
  or just wait 5 secs for the demo to start.

System requirements:
  A good, recent-ish version of Safari or Chrome for
  the released version, or Chromium or Firefox for
  the fixed version.

  The faster the computer, the better.

  Run in a smaller window, if the graphics stutter
  on your slow computer.

  jammi - code, concept, graphics, animation
  ainu  - support, story, graphics, animation
  frank_one - music
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