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drip.bin by Ed Fries


By Ed Fries (author of Halo 2600)
This is my first demo. I hope you like it. I wanted to make something really small so this is only 128 bytes. It's hard to make an atari 2600 program that small because the overhead to draw the screen properly including vertical blank, vsync, overscan and the main screen normally takes up at least that much space. I wrote a custom vblank routine to squeeze out enough space for the demo code. Tjoppen was a big help, giving me advice and feedback. Please give him credit too. The program will run infinitely but reaches an obvious calm point about 2 minutes in so I suggest that is where you cut it off. Please let me know if you need source.
I have only tested this with the Stella emulator but it should work with anything including actual hardware.
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