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Square by Still [web]

Still-01 >> Square

for Geeks Can Dance 2012 / Berlin


  cynic          >> code
  pirx           >> code
  mad            >> original shader
  nero           >> graphics
  pixtur         >> design
  rrrola         >> shader support
  seven          >> shader support
  wright&bastard >> music (original by Richie Spice)

  made with tooll2 developed by cynic, pirx, pixtur

  uses directx, .net, bass, newtonsoft json, slimdx, smaa

This is quite a personal production and probably not everybody's coup of tea. 
We have been struggling with it for almost a year, when Pixtur started to experiment with 
Mandelbox formula used in Mad's 4kb intro "Hochenergiephysic". The idea, back then, 
was basically to make a distance field function fractal-demo without the 4k size restrictions. 
Basically focusing on the design and parameters and to see what comes out of this. 
We almost dropped the idea because the performance was just not good enough. Luckily we 
later discovered Boxplorer by Rrrola and got some additional support from Seven. Eventually 
Pixtur fell in love with Wright & Bastard's tribute to Richie Spice, and the work on this 
started again. We missed Breakpoint and Evoke and finally released it at a small fine Party 
in Berlin.

So yes: Besides the background-sphere, there are no polygones in this demo. And yes, the 
shaders would have easily fit in to 64kb. But who cares? Been there done that.

Find background-information and captures on  >> www.still-scene.org

- nvidia/ati gfx card that supports directx 10.1
- installed .net 4 framework
- latest driver you can get for your gfx card
- win7

Pit falls
Getting the .net/slimdx framework running can be tricky. If you have problems running the demo, 
please try to install: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109

We still have some trouble with certain 32bit systems (see https://gist.github.com/3799208#comments)
If you encounter any problems, please drop us a mail with the log-file and a short description of your
system (esp. Windows version and Graphics cards): info@still-scene.org

Worst-case: https://vimeo.com/50338717

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Personal Greetings

cynic >>    acryl, admiral, alien, ava, axel, bodo, boyc, captain chaos, chaos,
            cp, cyclone, dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dq, dreamer,
            droid, erium, eyebex, fuzzel, gargaj, helge, hellfire, hypo, iq, k,
            krill, matt,melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, noname, pandur,
            pos, poti, ps, ramses, sheijk, silicium, sire, styx, titus,
            visualice, wayfinder, xenon, xni, xxx, zoom

drumhead >> frauchen, k4sch3, gigo, mal_function, epidemic, scraping micha,
            dude, dwayne, moses, cop, keyj, gabi, tristan, bearb, jk, subc,
            ted, d!rt!e, dodge, nk-tux, ghandy, mad, xxx, dipswitch, keito,
            paniq, holgi, penta, digitalgewitter crew

pirx >>     calysta, admiral, alien, bika, boyc, chaos, dalezy, digisnap, 
            drumhead, duckers, eyebex, gloom, gopher, gargaj, helge, k, krill,
            mad, melwyn, navis, nero, netpoet, noncolor, pandur, phoenix, 
            ramses, sheijk, silicium, sire, tajo, trixter, virgill, wayfinder,
            xni, xxx, xylobiont, zoom

pixtur >>   lena, admiral, alien, alex, bodo, bonzaj, chaos, cp, dalezy, digisnap,
            dipswitch, dq, eric, fiver2, gargaj, gizmo, gloom, gopher, h2o,
            helge, hunta, hypo, iq, k, kb, krill, mr.pet, muhmac, navis,
            niko & nicolai, nosfe, nytric, pandur, poti, preacher, ramses, ronny, rp, ryg,
            seven, shakul, sheijk, sire, styx, steeler, titus & bodo, tobi, unc,
            visualice, wayfinder, xxx, zoom
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