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Freeloader by Depth [web]

  _ _        ,_          _  _      
 ┐_» ¼?   _ r~ ~T_ _,_ Y¼╟ {"7                          
  ! ╡ `r'~_╢! ╨ jL¼ »_~T 7_j i            
  j  _jl »l i %~  »! l¼╢ » Trip
 `-'~  L_»¼7L_l    j_L i_{~l I             
         ¼»~  ¼    `     ~ `¼'                                       
       P R E S E N T S :

      F R E E L O A D E R

64k filling in at Revision 2012


we load
we save

and we do it for free

so save me this one more time

Corial did save some code
(and maybe some gfx)
Curt Cool did load up protracker once again
for free for you

we load, you save
save the memories

the freeloader is loading 
your goods for free

i load, you save
good old in/out
good old ultraviolence
good old boys
good, old

we fill
you spill

the freeloader is dancing
drinking, smoking

come dance with me, come come
come drink, come come
come smoke, come cone

conically comical
cynically comic

the freeloader is watching
and comments
and commences
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