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STreet Art by blabla [web] & Condense [web] & Sector One [web]

STreet Art
final release

Ranked #3 at SillyVenture 2011 in a light buggy version

A 100% hicolor demo enabling thousands colors at the same time.
Every effects are running at 1 VBL / 50hz.
The demo was made in 10 days from various piece of codes, there is still more to show... soon !

Credits :
- Gfx : AcetOne / Condense (http://www.acet1.com), Nytrik / Cocoon
- Zik : DMA-SC / Sector One
- Code : Cyg / BlaBLa (fcatteau@gmail.com)

Atari ST or STE with 4MB of memory (too lazy to make it 2MB compliant)
or STEEM on PC or Hatari on Mac/PC

November 2011
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