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Downfall Falcon by Reboot [web]

                            Reboot proudly presents

                               Falcon030 version

                                  Version 1.0


Downfall is a game for the Atari Falcon030  computer.  It is more or less a port 
of the Jaguar version released this year.


To run this game you need:

- An Atari Falcon030 with at least 4MB of RAM
- At least 2.5MB of hard disk space
- One or more of the following input devices:
  - Joystick plugged into port 1
  - Jagpad (Powerpad)
  - Jagpad rotary (support will be added for it in the forthcoming future)

The recommended specs are:

- An Atari Falcon030 with 14MB of RAM
- 200MB of hard disk space
- One or more of the following input devices:
  - Joystick plugged into port 1
  - Jagpad (Powerpad)
  - Jagpad rotary (support will be added for it in the forthcoming future)

Controllers are  auto-detected in the title screen, just move the d-pad/joystick
around and the game should pick up what controller you're using
Falcon accelerators like the Centurbo CT2 or CT60 are unsupported. Please switch 
them off prior to running Downfall Falcon.

If you have a 4MB machine, try  to  free  up  as much memory as possible, as the 
game utilises a big chunk of memory due to the backgrounds.


Use LEFT and RIGHT on the d-pad  and  B  fire  button to control the falling man 
(equivalent joystick controls are LEFT, RIGHT,  FIRE).  When you start the game, 
the player sprite falls from the top centre  of the screen. Quickly guide him to 
the safety of one of the platforms that  are  moving up the screen. You must now 
prevent your character from being squashed at  the top of the screen by dropping 
down to lower platforms - but be careful!  You must also ensure he does not fall 
off the bottom of the screen.

During your time falling and running you  will find tasty fruits to refresh you. 
These give score based on a  multiplier  of  level  -  the higher the level, the 
higher the score. Your character will tell you what he thinks of the fruits in a 
number of ways.

You will also find a number of  power-ups  occasionally. Some require the use of 
the B button to activate them.  When  your  character shouts the secret word you 
will know your power-up is about to expire - act quickly!

The character may sometimes make  comments  other  than  those that are fruit or 
power-up related. You may or may not  find  these  infos useful as you guide him 
deeper and deeper down.

During the title screen you can also press  A  or C on the jagpad (LEFT/RIGHT on 
joystick) to change backgrounds, OPTION (DOWN  on joystick) to toggle Heiko mode 
(just try it!) and SELECT (UP  on  joystick)  to toggle superfly mode (also just 
try it!).

Backgrounds information

Downfall Falcon utilizes any remaining  RAM  left  after  loading to display the 
animated backgrounds. Currently we have  two  sets  of  backgrounds, one for 4MB 
machines and one for 14MB ones. If you  have  a 4MB machine then you do not need 
the 14MB backgrounds. To  reduce  the  download  times,  we  have decided to not 
include the  backgrounds in the main  archive.  You can download  the background
packs seperately  from our website  (http://reboot.atari.org) depending  on your

The only difference between the 4  and  14MB  background packs are the number of 
stored frames. 4MB backgrounds store 25  frames,  while  14MB ones store 120, so 
the animation is smoother in  the  later.  Of  course  if  someone finds the 4MB 
backgrounds better to look at, there's no harm done in using them instead of the 
larger ones :).

Background files must reside on a  folder called GFX where DOWNFALL.PRG resides. 
Each background consists  of  2  files:  One  with  extension  BGR  and one with 
extension PAL. Do not copy a BGR file without its PAL companion.

The game at startup will scan the GFX folder and use the first 64 backgrounds it 
finds there. Any background  file  that  doesn't  fit  in  the  free RAM will be 
discarded (so it is safe to have the 14MB pack in there if you so desire). If no 
backgrounds that fit the free RAM are found,  the game will display an alert and 

High scores

They are saved automatically in a  file  called  DOWNFALL which is on the folder 
DOWNFALL.PRG resides. If the file doesn't  exist,  it  is created at startup. If 
for some reason the file cannot be created, the entire feature is skipped.


Falcon code: GGN (based on Cyrano Jones' Jaguar version)
Module player code: bITmASTER of TCE
Music: 505 of Checkpoint and Paradox
Graphics: Templeton of Celebral Vortex Software Development
Testing: Partycle, ChrisTOS, Cyrano Jones

Future enhancments

The main feature that's missing is Jagpad rotary support. This will be addressed 
when GGN gets hold of one. However,  since  no other Falcon game uses rotary and 
it is not very likely that Falcon owners  will  have a rotary, we felt that this 
shouldn't hold back the release.

Another thing we'd like  to  see  is  user  created  backgrounds. If there's any 
submissions from people,  we'll  include  them  on  the  website  for  people to 
download. If anyone is  interested  in  creating  background  animations, get in 
touch with us for help!

Version history

1.0 - 13-Nov-11: Initial release





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