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Partly Cloudy by Outracks [web] & Youth Uprising [web] & kvasigen [web]

Outracks, Youth Uprising and Kvasigen
invites you to

	The Gathering 2011
	Partly Cloudy With A Chance of Lighting
	The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway, Easter Weekend 2011


	- Scene.org awards
	- Big creative lounge with demoscene seating
	- Prestigious demoscene competitions
	- Massive sound and visual system for compos and demoshows
	- 18+ side event (EasterGarden)

Code by mortzERR, Duckers and Ferris^Youth Uprising
Music by lug00ber^Kvasigen and Optimize^Kvasigen
Add. graphics and direction by Quisten^Keyboarders

Get a demoscene ticket to The Gathering 2011!
Visit www.gathering.org

Any questions regarding the demoscene at The Gathering 
> demo@gathering.org


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