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Staubkaskade by Reflex [web]


            [The Cascade and its Dust]

              ---- Final Version ---


           Visualien der Breitbandkatze


                    Reflex C64


   Stefan Pautze
      a.k.a. Felidae ............ Visuals, Code

   Matthias Kramm
      a.k.a. Quiss .......... Code Optimisation

   Skies Unlimited ................. Soundtrack

   PVCF ............................. Mastering


This experimental short animation was created
using a matlab script and some improved Koch curve
algorithm. Since a lot of Reflex members have
been involved, this is our (inofficial) 11th demo.
The festival version 0.3 was finished 2008-02,
just in time to celebrate the ...

            15th anniversary of Reflex

...and to be screened at many short film festivals
world wide. Finally - this is the final version.


   Greetings to all our friends ... 

                     ... we meet along the way!


   Released unter Creative Commons (CC) license

                   by - nc - nd








In fact, fractals are nothing new. As colourful
illustrations they have been appearing in media
for many years. But there is more behind this.
Fractals provide the mathematical tool set to 
describe complex structures including coastlines,
clouds, mountains, plants, vascular systems,
growth processes, stock-exchange prices or the
distribution of matter in outer space. From there
it is just a little step to the assumption, that
the main principles of fractals must be fixed deep
in the world's architecture.

The easiest way towards understanding them is to
start experimenting oneself. For this reason the
Koch-Curve was modified and translated into a
computer program, to form a tool to search for the
grown, living, alien shape.

There are no poetic concepts behind the name.
"Dust" is the mathematical description for a set
of non-connected points. The "Cascade" is a
synonym for the principle of recursion, the basic
technique behind the created code.

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