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SP04 - Surströmming Supreme by Spacepigs

                          pppp      o
              ooooooooooooo    \ /   o
           ooo                (O)O) o 
      %  oo                        oo
       \ o                   ooooooo
         o                     o        <--- pig from space (spacepig)
         o                     o
         o                   ooo
         o                   oo
           ooo             ooo 
                 X X    X X

presentz a new killer release at TUM 2008 !!!

the killa pig0rz from space are back and brin0rz u ton0rz of new effect0rz

                 SP04´´Surströmming Supreme
only champagne makes it possible. see you in another quality spacepigs release, good night,
good bye, good luck!!!!

 /// FUCKINGZ T0 FARBRASH /////////////
// GREETZ TO EQUINOX, COCOON, MANDARINE et aussi les autres pourfaire genial commandante! //

                  ==== S P A C E P I G Z '==========
                  a whole workout for the mouth
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