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Snail by Stan 1901

Title:                Snail
Type:                 4k procedural graphics
Created by:           Stepanov Andrey, 2008 ( ICQ:    129179794, 
                                              e-mail: andrewstepanov@mail.ru )
3D Graphics software: Open GL 2.0
Packed by:            Crinkler 1.1  (c) Aske Simon Christensen & Rune Stubbe.
Tested on:            Windows XP, ATI Radeon 2600 HD. 
                      Seems NOT to work on NVidia.

  This is procedural version of photo made by photographer Marcus Wallinder.
I do not know who is this guy but I like his photos :)
For the reason I do not know NVidia cards do not show this picture correctly.
I am terribly sorry for this but I have no NVidia to debug on it.
  You can press "Ctrl" key to move image (just to see this is really 3D).
Image generating shaders are very "heavy" so program can slowly respond 
on keyboard (Esc and Ctrl). Please be patient :)
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