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shoot by Unique [web]

          ____      _____                          ____   ______
    ______)   \_____)    \_________________________)   \__)  __/______
  _/    _/     /    \     /     _/   ___   _/    _/     /   ___/   __/
  \________________\     _______\____\     \________________\_______\
                    \____(elD_ ____________(
       u n i q u e   -   s h o o t

 this is unique's 40k intro contribution to Icons 2008 demoparty.
 It was supposed to be for amiga 500 but due to some bug it crashes
 on anything lower than an 020. The plan was to fix it but then I
 trashed the source so here it is in the unfinished state it was left in.
 I guess it could still be uncruched/disassembled/fixed maybe, who knows.
 OCS and 512k of RAM are enough tho.
 It's also my first ever program fully coded in 68k asm.
 Greets to all my friends and all the nice people in the amiga scene and at ada.
 - dodke

 you can reach me at  lauri . smith @ gmail . com
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