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Wrecked Angle by Inque [web]

wrecked angle, by inque

:: release info :: ----------------------------

made for (and at) Outline 2008. most of the work
was done in 3 days. (including a full day at 
outline) it was the first time we used our own 
softsynth, pandora, together with our custom 
64k-demosystem, nerve.

:: reqs :: ------------------------------------

uses pixelshader 3.0. requires direct3d 9.0.
you'll need d3dx9_32.dll, which is included
in the latest DirectX runtimes.

should run on most modern videocards, although
it's completely unoptimized.

:: credits :: ---------------------------------

code/visuals/additional direction -- glow
soundtrack/direction -- izard

:: greetz :: ----------------------------------

we say hi to:

asd, farbrausch, conspiracy, still, limp ninja,

:: cya :: -------------------------------------

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