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ASCII by Paranoids

About ASCII demo:

This demo is coded during Scenario'95 demo party by Brainstorm and Codex.
The Demo uses nothing but ASCII characters to produce those incredible
effects to your screen. Demo has support for all major music cards!


- 486DX2/66Mhz or better
- MS-DOS 3.3 or later (may run under Windows too...)
- About 300kb free base memory
- VGA adapter
- Music card is strongly recommended (not required to run demo)
- Lot's of good sense of humour...:)
- About 1 minute time to waste...

Coded and released at Scenario '95 demo party, Lahti, Finland 14.10.1995

For more information, email one of us:

drdoom@kontu.bbs.fi      (about group itself)
esap@cs.tut.fi           (about coding)
terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi  (about coding)
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