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Buttman - The Terminated v2 by Twilight Zone [web]

                          _-=) TWILIGHT ZONE (=-_
                 Buttman - The Terminated v2 (Final release)
                        Release Date : 7. Nov 1992

Buttman was our contribution to the Soundserver demo competition 27 Sep 1992.
We didn't have time to finish then, so here is a finished version. We really
haven't worked a lot with it, so don't expect a major demo.....
If the demo is unsmooth on your PC, turn down the music frequency or buy a 
486 (It works good with 62khz on my 486-40sx). Also Covox and much better
than SB...

 Hardware Requirements:
Processor : We recommend a 386-33mhz, but it will run on a 286-12 (Slow).
Graphics Card : VGA only.
Music Device needed : Soudplayer(s), SoundBlaster (Pro), Speaker
Free memory : less than 540k

                  *  The Members of Twilight Zone  *

The Bogeyman - Morten Eriksen         >  Main Coder & President
Jeki         - Jens Kr. Kirkeb›       >  Courier and some Coding
The Wonder   - Markus Schille         >  Graphics Artist
L.K.A.       - Lars Kristian Aasbrenn >  Music Composer

L.K.A. has bought a PC!! Wow......

                   * Twilight Zone distributors *

Roodeen      - Aaron Reading          > Australia

 Commercial Presentations:
We can also do commercial presentations. Contact us for more information.

If you are a good Graphics Artist, Coder (Assembler) or Musician why don't you
join us. We need some more members. It would be best if you live in
Scandinavia. If your interested send us a piece of your work, and maybe you
will be a Twilight Zone member. If not we will send you a letter so you won't
be waiting until death. Everybody who writes will get an answer.
(You'll find the adress at the end of this file)

We really need one more Graphics Artist.

                NO LAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Monty Python:
If any of you have or know someone who has got Monty Python's Flying Circus
series 1. The old series from 1968-70 in black & white, please contact us.
The Bogeyman need it fast!! :-)

 Twilight Zone Releases:
º Name:                        Category:      Date:     Zipname:     Zip Size: º
º Techno Freak                   Demo       28. Jul 92  TZTECHNO.ZIP     230k  º
º Multi-Scope                    SB Util     5. Aug 92  TZ_SCOPE.ZIP       5k  º
º Buttman - The Terminated       Demo       27. Sep 92  TZBUTMAN.ZIP     538k  º
º Buttman - The Terminated v2    Demo        7. Nov 92  TZBUTTV2.ZIP     542k  º

                   /=-  How to get in touch with us   -=\

Contact Mail Adress:  Morten Eriksen
                      Kitteroedv. 16
                      1712 Graalum

Voice Phone: +47-(0)9-140088 (Ask for Morten) (Foreigners drop the zero (0))

Fax number: +47-(0)9-337195 (State reciever, because more people use this fax)

Internet Adress: JEKI@OSCAR.BBB.NO

PIX/MIX Adress: Jens_Kr. Kirkeb›@SSB

Rime Adress: Send private mail to Jens-Kr. Kirkeboe in CD-ROM conference.
             Route to: ->THCAVE

BBS's:  SoundServer: +47-(0)2-735373 300-14400bps  USR HST DS V32
                              735374 300-14400bps  USR HST DS V32bis
        Leave post to : Jens_Kr. Kirkeb›, or download our latest release.

        The Sewer: Send Email to Bogeyman.

        Bergen By Byte: +47-(0)5-324447 300-14400bps USR HST DS V32
        Leave post to : Jeki

                           -- End of file -
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